Better buildings by sharing information;
such a simple solution.

Building Start is an enterprise mobile workflow management platform. Combining a centralized cloud based project management platform and a mobile, offline workflow and audit trail system that allows you to assign and sequence tasks on a construction project. By defining roles of various contractors and the work effort to install, startup and commission equipment and assets, Building Start allows a consistent, repeatable process for helping ensure building systems are installed correctly and work per their original design intent.

Manage Projects

  • Sequence trades and the order of their start-up and QC check completion.
  • Track all equipment, systems and milestones to completion.
  • Track issues: how many have been found, resolved, or need to be addressed.
  • Follow how much work effort has been applied to the project, by whom, and the level of completion as a result.

Manage Equipment

  • Asset Tag equipment with identification labels.
  • Connect to the digital stream of data.
  • Take BIM or Microsoft Excel files and import equipment lists and data points
  • Import test plans and manage the QC and startup progress of the building equipment.
  • Track each trade as they validate and qualify the equipment that is complete, or note if they are waiting on other trades to finish their work.

Manage Issues

  • Capture photos of issues identified in the field.
  • Quickly identify problems that slow construction progress or prevent building equipment from working properly.
  • Allow all trades and on-site personnel to use smart devices to identify, report, and manage issues they find or fix in the field.
  • Allow the General Contractor and project managers to connect through either their smart device or any PC with internet access to better manage the project, resolve issues, and keep the project on track to completion.

Manage Milestones

  • Build a workflow stream of tasks that must be completed.
  • Workflow streams can be segmented by trade or responsibility as well as have shared or common workflow streams.
  • Track tasks such as Design Review, Customer Training and add and customize as many workflow milestones as you need for your projects and process.
  • Milestones can carry delivery dates and capture comments associated with the work and gating items preventing a Milestone from being completed.

File Cloud

  • Dump the loads of nearly un-useable paperwork and three ring binders into a more user friendly digital device.
  • Automatically sync documents from the central project site down to smart mobile field tools.
  • Once a document sync is complete to the mobile device, you can access it offline.
  • Share documents with other team members in a centralized convenient project location.
  • Documents can be shared across Android, iOS and Windows field tools.

Qr Codes

  • Scan a QR code on a Building Start Equipment tag and automatically open the equipment to complete a checklist or write up an issue found on the equipment.
  • Publish QR codes and asset labels directly from within Building Start
  • Also support for implementing 3rd party bar codes or Asset Identification numbers.